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Certified Ventilation Weaning Center

We offer weaning from invasive ventilation in our department's certified weaning center.
Our weaning programmes are tailored to the each patient's individual needs. Our interdisciplinary team supports each patient with a variety of measures in order to gradually implement weaning.
The center comprises the intensive care unit (144i), two ventilation units (147i, 149A) and the Centre for Out-of-Hospital Ventilation and Oxygen Therapy (CABS).

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Detailed information on the Weaning Center

Overview Ventilation Weaning Center

Ventilation weaning in the medical sense means to return invasively ventilated patients (via a ventilation tube in the windpipe e.g. after  longer stays in an ICU after serious illness or surgery) to independent breathing. The measures to wean patients off ventilation vary greatly from person to person. 

Doctors, respiratory therapists, nursing staff, physiotherapists, psychologists and members of the social services work together with patients to gradually wean them from mechanical ventilation to independent breathing. The duration and success of weaning depend on many factors, such as the type of disease which initially lead to ventilation of the patient, as well as pre-existing conditions and frailty.
While some patients can be successfully weaned upon first attempt, patients with more difficult conditions might need longer. In this so-called "prolonged weaning", patients need more time to be weaned from artificial respiration to be able to breathe on their own again. Our center offers tailor-made solutions for all types of patients. 
For those patients for which weaning was not successful, our Charité Center for Out-of-Hospital Ventilation and Oxygen Therapy (CABS) organizes out-of-hospital ventilation and provides seamless care and support.

The Weaning Center is certified by the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP) which regularly reviews structures and processes. The DGP ensures that the Weaning Center meets the highest standards and that patients receive the best possible care.

Intensive Care Unit 144i, Ventilation Units 147i and 149A and the Center for Out-of-Hospital Ventilation at the CCM

One focus of ICU 144i is weaning patients from invasive ventilation and regaining independent breathing in those for whom weaning is particularly challenging. Wards 147i and 149A specialize in the treatment of both invasively and non-invasively ventilated patients. Additional details and contact information for the wards can be found here. You can find more details about the ICU 144i here.

The Center for Out-of-Hospital Ventilation (CABS) is available when weaning from ventilation is not possible. For more information about the CABS, click here.

The intensive support of patients by specialized doctors, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and social service colleagues is a central component of the treatment concept.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical disciplines at the Charité guarantees optimal care even for complex diseases.