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Interventional Pulmonary Emphysema Center

Our  Interventional Pulmonary Emphysema Center provides a specialized consultation service for patients dealing with advanced Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and severe lung hyperinflation, specifically pulmonary emphysema. This consultation offers patients the chance to explore lung volume reduction treatment options for hyperinflation through lung endoscopy, known as endoscopic emphysema therapy.

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The Interventional Pulmonary Emphysema Center

Endoscopic lung volume reduction involves treating severely damaged, over-inflated sections of the lungs for improvement of breathing mechanics. The procedure is performed as part of a lung endoscopy (bronchoscopy). We offer either a reversible treatment using valves or an irreversible procedure using coils. A steam technique (thermoablation) is also available.

We offer detailed consultation for patients regarding individual options for endoscopic and surgical emphysema therapy.
Our expert clinicians will conduct the lung volume reduction procedure if indicated, and following a thorough assessment .

Treatment Requirements and Contact Information

Prerequisites for counselling and treatment:

  • severe forms of emphysema (COPD GOLD III / IV).
  • permanent cessation of smoking
  • optimal medication management
  • completed rehabilitation treatment 

For enquiries and appointments please reach out to us at:

t: +49 30 450 665 038

office hours: M -Thu 8 am – 3pm