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Diagnostic services

A high level of competence in diagnostic examinations is important in order to detect diseases and subsequently treat them in a targeted manner.

The Department of Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine with Sleep Medicine offers the entire range of respiratory diagnostics to detect even complicated or rare lung diseases. Here, emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary exchange in order to clearly identify even complex diseases.

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Lung function diagnostics

Pulmonary function diagnostics and exercise testing

- Bodyplethysmography

- Respiratory muscle function diagnostics

- Blood gas analysis

- Bronchospasmolysis (administration of medication to dilate the airways during the examination)

- Diffusion measurement (examination of gas exchange)

- 6-minute walk test

- Spiroergometry (examination of the cardiovascular system under stress)


- Bronchoalveolar lavage (extraction of fluid from the airways)

- Tissue sampling from the airways and lungs for further examination

- Endobronchial (from the airways) ultrasound

- Special examinations for lung volume reduction procedures in COPD and emphysema (see also here for more information)

Diagnostics in pulmonary hypertension

- Echocardiography (heart ultrasound examinations): transthoracic (via the chest) and transoesophageal (through the gullet)

- Right heart catheter examinations

Examinations of the thorax, diaphragm and pleura

- Ultrasound examination of the chest, pleura, diaphragm and lungs

- Dynamic fluoroscopic examinations with X-ray

- Pleural puncture and placement of pleural drains (temporary / permanent)

- Pleural biopsy (removal of tissue from the pleura)

Diagnostics in the context of lung transplantation

In close cooperation with the German Heart Centre of the Charité (DHZC), individually necessary pneumological examinations are planned and carried out before transplantation. The patients are thus prepared for the transplantation in the best possible way.

The experts at the Department are also available for the aftercare of transplanted patients.

You can find more information on the DHZC website

Further diagnostics

Special allergy diagnostics and infection diagnostics are performed on an inpatient and outpatient basis.