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Charité Center for Out-of-hospital Ventilation and Oxygen Therapy (CABS)

Our CABS - facility (Charité Centrum für Außerklinische Beatmung und Sauerstofftherapie) treats patients suffering from diseases of the lungs, of the musculature or of the nervous system who are temporarily or permanently dependent on respiratory support . CABS is part of the Charité's certified respiratory support weaning center.

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CABS forms the link between ventilated in- and outpatient care delivered by nursing services at home or in care facilities.

Our interdisciplinary team of doctors and respiratory therapists offers specialized diagnoses of respiratory functions as well as adjustment to respiratory support therapy such as home respiratory therapy, mechanical cough assistance or oxygen therapy.

CABS in conjunction with our department's social services and case management also organises transfer of ventilated patients from clinical treatment to care outside the hospital.

CABS is the central point of contact for patients, relatives, doctors, outpatient care services and funding agencies for the care of patients with chronic respiratory and lung failure. 

Please don't hesitate to contact CABS here should you have any questions respective inpatient admission or outpatient treatment. 

Services of CABS

- Counselling for affected patients and for relatives as well as providing second opinions
- Counselling for nursing services and for doctors in case of problems with out-of-hospital care of ventilated patients
- Advice on home ventilation via a tracheal cannula (invasive) or via a mask (non-invasive)
- Cough capacity diagnostics, adjustment to and checking of mechanical cough assistance
- Long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT)
- Sleep laboratory diagnostics (only for lung and neuromuscular diseases) for ventilator check and ventilator adjustment
- Transfer of ventilated patients to their home or to appropriate care facilities

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