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Individual nurse consultations for informal carers on mobility and mobilization

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Individual nurse consultations for informal carers on mobility and mobilization

Mobility and movement are topics with many facets. Whether it's mobilising from a bed to a wheelchair, walking safely with a walker, mobilising into the correct position to be able to eat, inhale or cough safely, or finding a good position in bed, mobility plays a major role in everyday life. Mobility is also a decisive factor for many prophylactic measures, i.e. the prevention of various complaints such as pneumonia, pressure sores or back and limb pain. This can put a major physical and emotional strain on informal carers and relatives. That is why we would like to provide expert and practical support.


Under Section 45 of the eleventh German Social Security Code (SGB XI), carers are entitled to support so that they can provide good care for the person in need of care in their own home. For this reason, AOK Nordost provides carers and relatives with the "PfiFf - Pflege in Familien fördern" (PfiFf - Promoting care in families) programme, which you can take advantage of free of charge as a relative of a patient on ward 147i, Charité Campus Mitte. Nursing staff who specialise in mobility will guide you and the person in need of care through your individual questions and challenges relating to movement, mobility and positioning in bed. The service is free of charge and does not depend on your health insurance. A care level is not necessary.

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+49 30 450 653213

Further information:
Link to the flyer (to follow)
Information on the PfiFf offer from AOK Nordost:
Here you can find free care courses for family caregivers in your area:

In partnership with AOK Nordost and PfiFf